The MOST Embarrassing Things People Have Ever Done On A Date

Dec 1st, 2018
Curtito Team

There is always that high feeling of excitement when we are supposed to meet our crush on the first date. We go to the salon for an exclusive makeover, completely renew the wardrobe and buy luxurious gifts just to impress the one we love. But there can be some unpredictable goof-ups that either allow both of you are laughing your heart out or feeling somewhat embarrassed. Below are some hilarious examples of how things got ugly on special dates.

1. One wrong step while dancing and you land on the floor, literally murder on the dance floor. Injuries can be painful, especially if your date is healthy enough to shatter your wrist after falling on you.

2. Are you bored with your date? Might as well check out another man’s chick.


3. Too soon to rush towards the altar can give your date cold feet.

4. Never indulge in strenuous exercise right after a full tummy.


5. Too much of a wild instinct can turn fatal.

6. When you can’t control your natural urge, love is in the air, breath deeply.


7. Too soon to fall into a committed relationship. Can scare away your potential partner who sees you like a clingy human being.

8. First kisses are always awkward.


9. Showing skin isn’t exactly the right style to dress. Wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen.

10. Nervous laughter could put your date into jeopardy.


11. Sometimes the urge to primal hunger is insatiable but always super awkward on first dates.

12. The most embarrassing moment is to get up in a crowded restaurant and to know that your monthly blues have paid you a thick visit.


13. When words fail to answer how we feel.

14. Neighbour’s dogs are cute unless running on the road.


15. Guilty actions just to show-off your manly powers.

16. Accidental texts could lead to beautiful destinations.


17. Bad things happen when you close your eyes and don’t keep your mouth shut while kissing.

18. Money matters while on the date, a bankrupt personality wins no dates.


19. Carelessness can make your tongue-tied.

20. Misadventures on a long ride could lead to unhealthy accidents.


21. Humpty Dumpty is not a nice way to end the date. Lol!

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