11 Shocked Parents Share The Craziest Things They've Discovered When Snooping On Their Kids

Oct 9th, 2018
Curtito Team

When it comes to cyber monitoring, it is hard to keep up with kids, especially if they are teenagers. The rebel age is seen as a sign for safeguarding their privacy, so how do parents draw the line when it comes to controlling porn or other cyber activity that could spell doom? The answer is by accidentally checking their teenage daughter/son's phone. It leads to quite the discovery when parents are stuck in embarrassing situations. As it goes, you cannot control everything.

1. Sugar Daddies are rich, and your daughters can be easy prey for some luxurious shopping.

2. You know you raised your daughter right when the boyfriend is the perfect gentleman.


3. When you find out you cannot dictate what she wears.

4. Daddy got bedroom issues, but he really does not need to know yours.


5. Some things should remain under lock and key.

6. Discussing openly about sexuality can be a significant relief for the kid to clear many doubts.


7. Anger issues need therapy but as a family. Introduce your partner via a guidance counselor for mental well being of your child.

8. Depression can lead to many drastic steps; parents must learn to be a friend first.


9. If there are differences in the family, iron things out before they explode.

10. Teens can be a hard phase to control, but it is definitely not impossible if you turn an understanding vibe with them.


11. Self-discovery is sure quite the thing! Only in private though!

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