Things Your Hair Can Tell You about Your Health

Sep 13th, 2018
Curtito Team

Hair is one vital part of your body that also needs a proper diet and essential care. It gives you timely signs, once when your health is not perfect in any aspect. Yes, your hair is your advisor. It shows you the little symptoms when your health is not at its best. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to them and take immediate actions after that. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that your hair would show-up to you, to make yourself to get ready to treat the same.

1. Dull and Lusterless Hair

Dull and Lusterless Hair about health

Make a note on your hair when it shows its lusterless and dull feature that is not normal. When you color your hair frequently or use curling and straitening iron over them, this indication may be the result as the direct cause. However, these may not be the sole reason. You must also look into the diet that you consume. The intake of essential vitamins and minerals may not be sufficient for your overall body health. Thereupon, it is the high time that you take care to regularly intake extra nutrients, in the form of food or as pills rich in selenium, sulfur and phosphorous. Make sure before taking supplementary pills. Please consult your doctor.

2. Irritating Dandruff

Irritating Dandruff

Dandruff is of course not an ill-health state. But the presence of it may lead to other possible complications. It includes indications like excessive irritation of the scalp, oily looking hair and indirectly it may cause skin infections. There are several reasons for this disgusting thing to generate on your scalp. The first reason one may think of is the use of excessive chemical products on your hair. And other feasible cause may be your diet that is extremely rich in oil and fats.

Beyond these, the occurrence of dandruff may also be due to medical issues like immunodeficiency or gastrointestinal tract. They can also multiply due to the stress level in you. The formation of yellow tinted dandruff is the indication that you are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis. This is a kind of dermatological pathology, and it is very much difficult to get rid of such dandruff. On that note, you need to consult a good Trichologist to find out the real cause and treat the same with no further delays.


3. Brittle and Thin-looking hair

Brittle and Thin-looking hair says about your health

Protein is essential for every kind of function in our body. It is responsible for the process of all our body-building functions. Similarly, when there is a lack of protein in our body, our hair will indicate its sign by making its appearance brittle and thin looking. Protein is the vital element that performs various consequential functions like production and nurturing of our skin and nails too. No other substance can take over the importance of protein for our body. When there is a lack of such an essential element in our body; skin, nails, and hairs show off their indications. In that case, you need to intake more fruits and food rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Other complications relating to the symptom of thinning hair are diseases like Cushing's, Chronic insomnia, extreme pain in the spine and even high blood pressure. To be on a safer side, you need to take immediate action when you find such conditions of hair. At the same time, further, diagnose for any such complications.

4. Extreme Hair Loss

Studies indicate that losing 100 strands of hair in a day is not abnormal, except for the conditions like drastic changes in health, pregnancy or when suffering from any other ailments. The most convenient way to know about your hair loss condition is by putting your fingers to hold some amount of hair strands and then start running it towards the end, right from their roots. When you notice that you get 1 or 2 strands, then your hair is doing great. When you see 3 to 5 strands, even then your hair condition is fine. But when you get more than that, then everything is not normal, and you need to rush for your hair specialist soon.

You may also get to know that the hair issues are also due to medical problems related to the endocrine system or due to lack of immunity. Sometimes, it is directly related to the promotion of the diabetic condition. There is nothing to be in stress, but you need to consult a doctor and take supplementary pills and essential medications. It is also good to have soothing drinks like herbal tea often.


5. The appearance of Oily Hair

The appearance of Oily Hair says about your health

The hair that looks too much greasy also indicates you something about your health. It may be the sign as for you are consuming too much of animal fats and similar other oily carbs. To resolve this issue, you need to take care of your diet. Your regular diet should contain fresh vegetables and fruits rather than red meats, fried foods, confectionaries having white sugars, alcohol, and coffee. One thing that you can do by yourself to cure this condition is by adding a few drops of tea tree oil with your regular shampoo and wash your hair. This will make your sebaceous gland work best and treat the greasy hair.

When such homely tips do not really work, you may look into the issue in another aspect. The indication of greasy hair may be the sign of hormonal failure, metabolic issues and even it may be related to liver diseases. When this is the case, you need to consult your physician as early as possible.

6. Conditions like Premature Graying

Conditions like Premature Graying

Premature graying is a real concern when the people of 20-30 years of age experience it. Although the process largely depends upon the person's genetic vulnerability, many people are being suffered from such condition in their early age itself. This is only because when the number of melanocytes decreases considerably, that is responsible for the multiplication of melanin pigments. Ultimately, it may be the cause of the stress and depression level generated by the individual these days.

Chronic fatigue and the state of poor diet may also be the culprit for premature graying. Therefore, it is advisable to intake diet rich in proteins and stay away from unhealthy carbs. Scientific studies prove that diet and the stress level inter-relate for provoking premature graying. They alternatively affect the production of melanin and result in graying of hair in young aged people too.


7. Prickling and Itching Scalp

Prickling and Itching Scalp

Immediately treat the condition of itching and tickling scalp, without looking for any second opinion. When acne, sore skin, peeling of the scalp and similar such conditions arrive followed by the itching of scalp, you need to get a dermatologist’s appointment with no further delays. Since it may be the forewarning of eczema or psoriasis, you need to look into the issue with extreme care.

In some rare cases, the prickling of the scalp may also be the result of nervous system disorder. It is primarily due to the reflection of stress. The condition of itching scalp may also be due to tic disorder or nail-biting. When this is the situation, you must soothe yourself by drinking herbal concoctions and supplements like Vitamin B1 and B6. Further, consult a neurologist for a better suggestion.

8. Spotting Dry Hair and Split Ends

Spotting Dry Hair and Split Ends

Do not perform the action of perm and hair drying frequently. By making these procedures as your regular habit, you are purposely making your hair dry. Other than these, deficiency in proteins and other vital minerals like iron and copper may also result in drying out your hair. Additionally, it would create split ends too.

Hair problems are one among in the top priorities of medical issues and make sure it is immediately treated. With the factors discussed above, we need to be aware of the situations and take necessary actions as and when needed. Since each sign of indication given by the condition of hair, is a warning towards the deterioration of our health. Therefore, do not ignore.


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