12 Habits You Should Stop For A Happy Life

Sep 15th, 2018
Curtito Team

Habits are often like chains that tether us to the ground when we wish to fly. Some of you might have taught negative habits so much over the years, that it feels weird when you do not do things that same way, day after day after day. When your brain conforms to the routine that you have knowingly or involuntarily set up for yourself, it is hard to reprogram it to break free from those shackles and to make it know about other ways to do things, which could eventually make you a more productive and satisfied person. Here are a few common regular habits that you might have got into, but it is never too late to come out of them. Read on to know more.

1. Negative Thinking

Thinking negatively about your self-worth can be not only counter-productive but also have severe repercussions for your mental health. There is no place for self-doubt when you have made up your mind to get something done. Value yourself, your positive skills, and your attitude. Practicing gratitude (being thankful for what you have) can go a long way in boosting your self-confidence, and uplifting your thoughts to positive ones.

2. Lack of Financial Planning

Are you someone who shops for expensive items the day your salary is credited to your bank account? If the answer is yes, you probably already know that the 15th of each month breaks you, and it is the same story every successive month. If you need a more fulfilling life, stop being a regular impulse buyer. Evaluate your expenses, plan out your monthly budget, and stick to it. A handy tip is to save all the bills (including grocery bills) and make a list of all your expenses for a month. You will be surprised to learn where your money goes! A few months of planning, and you will be amazed at how much you can save!


3. Apologizing Too Much

There is nothing wrong with saying “Sorry” when you are genuinely wrong, and often it is also advisable to apologize when you might not be wrong, to save yourself from unpleasant situations. Too much of this word, however, can make you appear weak and indecisive in front of other people. Weigh in the situation carefully you are in before saying the golden apologetic word.

4. Sleeping Too Little

This is basic advice that comes directly from your body, yet it is surprising how millions of people get it wrong. Do you have to meet a deadline? Have to help your child with their schoolwork? Must hit the gym early no matter what? Whatever your activity is, do not lose your sleep over it. If you are well rested, you will be able to work the next day quickly, and all will fall in place. A little bit of planning can save you from unwanted exhaustion caused by lack of enough rest.


5. Not Taking Breaks

If you are someone who sits all day at your desk working hard, believe me, that is not going to make your more productive. In fact, it can make you dull, irritable, and unhealthy. No matter how busy you are, take breaks often. Be away from your desk for 5 to 10 minutes, go for a short walk, stand under a tree, make conversation with other people. When you come back, your level of productivity is bound to increase manifold from what it would have been if you had not taken those 5 minutes out for yourself.

6. Over-indulgence With Goals

Whether you are leaving everything up to fate or setting goals that are impossible to accomplish, these are both extreme habits that need to go. Goals should be there for measuring our efficacy, but they should not be so high or so low that they go beyond your capacity of measurement. It is a good idea to bucketize your goals into short term, medium term, and long-term, and as soon as you achieve one, check it and move on to the next. Your peace of mind is guaranteed, and your job will also get done in a methodical way.


7. Scarcity Thinking

The habit of scarcity thinking is often related to low self-esteem. You might be a scarcity thinker if you think everything you get in life is limited. Broadening your horizons and enhancing your thought process will make you see that life’s possibilities are like the waves of an endless ocean. There is never too little to gain when you put your mind to the thought that there is more to achieve, more to see, and more to learn.

8. Toxic Relationships

If you are always surrounded by negative and toxic people, you tend to become like them even though that was not your original trait. Choose your friends carefully. If someone tries to pull you down all the time, never appreciates you, and shows you nothing but disrespect, move on. Find people who are more engaging, have broader viewpoints, and genuinely uplift your mood and your spirit.


9. Binge Eating

Are you skipping breakfast, and snacking on potato chips throughout the day? It might affect your productivity more than you think. Healthy eating habits boost your immune system, which in turn affects your cognitive capabilities. Your brain always functions better when your gut is healthy. Eating proper meals, and on time, not only helps you stay healthy but also makes you stick to a routine.

10. Being Too Competitive

Everyone has their own story, their share of struggles and misery, and of course their share of success. In this highly competitive world, though, it is easy to fall prey to cut-throat competition for mere existence. Pause and take a look around. Life is not just about being better than someone else; it is also about being better today than what you were yesterday. Work on self-improvement, enhance your skill set, and most importantly, focus on becoming a kinder human being. Everything else automatically will fall in place.


11. Not Saying ‘No’

This is more of a workplace scenario when you might be loaded with work, and yet your colleagues constantly pester you for help. It is okay to say ‘No’ tactfully. Offer your colleagues alternatives and suggestions, but tell them clearly you just do not have the time to help them actually do the work. Make offers to help out with future projects when your workload would reduce a bit. Stay friendly, but stay firm.

12. Sitting All Day

Like getting enough sleep, this one is also far too obvious. In this day and age, when humankind is sadly infested with chronic lifestyle diseases, it becomes way too important not to ignore the ill-effects not moving around enough. If your job is sedentary, make sure you compensate with regular exercise and frequent breaks. If you are at a social gathering, make sure you do not slouch on the couch the entire evening. Instead, move around the room, and offer to help your host. It can be both productive and fun.

When you realize the simple and effective ways of breaking the habits that pull you down, you would be amazed to find that these were not iron shackles that were binding you, but mere thin threads that just needed a gentle tug to break. Learn to inculcate new, more positive habits that make your life more enjoyable as well as productive. Get rid of the old habits, and start life afresh!


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