10 Things To Do Daily To Make Your Life and Health Better.

Sep 11th, 2018
Curtito Team

Achieving the best in life is not just as simple as we all do think. Following the best advice from a panel of life experts, cannot work to the heights without putting one's personal efforts and determine-ship. To be a successful man, one requires full action on individual discipline and of course, put on lots of physical efforts and energy to make things happen.

Do not stick on to your old habits and practice the same for attaining superior heights of life, as all other normal struggling persons do. You need to work on for new and dedicated habits that would help build your life achievements and essentials, to the next level. To be an extraordinary personality, try pursuing the following suggestions, to live life with great taste and accomplishment.

1. Kick-start your day with a Dedicated Morning Ritual

Without performing the perfect start of the day, one can never have a great and proactive morning. Put up a format to kick-start your mornings that would make your inner strength to grow and give you the essential boost, to overcome the tasks of the day. Fix your mind and set up dedicated and healthy habits like a morning walk in the fresh sunlight or to meditate with absolute engrossment or it may be just having your wishful breakfast. You should stick to the one that makes you feel completely fulfilled right from your inner senses. Do not try to rush your morning hours to make up for lost time. It may again lead to stress and mental fatigue. If you are not well aware of how to start with, you may study for the morning rituals performed by many unique personalities whom you think as your inspirational identity.

2. It is better you follow 80/20 rule

So what does the principle actually state? You should choose the task that yields you 80% of the result with just the accomplishment of 20% performance. Yes, it is the 80/20 rule. This principle of Pareto helps you to opt for the task, which may make you lose only less energy and minimum time. It will not give you any biggest impact on your physical well-being. Hence, will make you focus on a dedicated task and yield its extreme benefits in a much lesser time. So, do follow the same to achieve the one biggest thing for which you were striving for. And do keep in mind that, only when you complete a single task you are open to doing the next, with utmost creativity.


3. Start Reading Books

Reading a lot of books of various genres is, of course, a good habit in your daily routine. If you are already connected to this valued practice, do not let it go down. Make your mind to set up a solid time for reading books written by your favorite authors. If you are not a good reader and do not like to spend time sitting in one place, you may try reading books of non-fiction subjects. It makes you feel excited about learning innovative and unique strategies that would be helpful for developing your life-skills. They are undoubtedly a great tool to broaden and enhance your horizon. They would also be a quest for your motivation. Moreover, reading such books offer you the inordinate opportunities to face the challenging situations of your life.

4. Do not overload yourself with Multi-tasks

Try engaging yourself with a single task at a time. You may see few people handling more than one task in a period that is not possible by all of the individuals. If you do multi-tasking occasionally, there would be no big defilement. But do not keep this as your habit in your daily life. It may lead to down your focus on all of the tasks. It may spring up a kind of mental clutter, that makes yourself difficult in handling even a small job. According to a recent study, people stressed to heavy multi-tasking had shown continuous lowering in efficiency and impaired cognitive control. As a result, it makes you the person who can manage nothing. Hence, try making a listicle of things to be done one by one, according to its priority. Do not rush to grasp the job of multi-tasking. See what’s the most essential and work on it first.


5. Try Admiring Yourself Often

Things and situations around us, can be positive sometimes and also turn out to be a negative one, in a particular period. Do not always try to point out the negativity alone. Keep the habit of appreciating your loved ones around you. Point out their positive attitudes and attributes that they possess. Comparably, do not see what is bad in you always. Look for the positive ones in you and appreciate those actions often. Try not to criticize yourself inevitably and do not let your confidence go down. With this, you would create a positive vibration around you, by gaining the love and affection of your loved ones too. Appreciating such things in you and within your closed circle of people, creates a positive vibe and harmony, that would, either way, help you to grow stronger and confident, day-by-day. And this would be ultimately, a good progress in your life.

6. Present Yourself among Positive people

Try to be with a group of people who have positivity in them. As said by an American author, Jim Rohn, - “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, proved to be true. Keep yourself among the circle of friends who have no negativity in them. This would improve your mental state, to be filled with fresh energy and full of enthusiasm in performing new and gleeful activities in your daily life. To be with people holding zeal and perseverance, will make you complete your day with satisfaction. You can grasp the affection and endearment from them and learn to share the same with others. Since happiness is everything in life, being with superior and magnificent personalities, makes you achieve everything.


7. Don’t Say No to Exercises

With regular exercises, it is undoubtedly manifested that you get your balanced physical health. But you should also know that with this, you can attain unique creativity and enhancement in your cognitive skills. Along with regularizing your general health, exercises can also help in energizing your inner senses and build your endurance even. If you are still not satisfied with the primacies of exercising task, then you may need to know that it is one of the activities, which triggers your essential hormones like Endorphins. This hormone is responsible for inducing anti-depressant function in our body naturally. So, why wait still? Head on to a Gym, with no excuses.

8. Try to Acquire the Art of Listening

Not just monopolizing will make you volunteer and come out to succeed. But it is that essential to listen to what others say. Do not try to input your ideas and recommendations on others always. By dominating the opposite side, you learn nothing. Understanding completes only when you listen to other’s opinions and suggestions. It will help you to cultivate both personal and professional relationship. It will make others feel appraised and procure a fresh perspective on both sides. Take a serious note on others non-verbal cues even and interpret what they actually want to say. With such behavior, you thus keep yourself stay calm and also panoramic.


9. Stay away from Social Media at least for an hour

Keep yourself aside from all sort of social media, at least for an hour or two, in a day. Make this as a daily practice and stay off from all such depressive activities. This would be the best way to detox your mind and soul. Recent researches affirm that spending hours on social media would lead to depression and low spirits. Spend your valuable time by staying away from all such electronic gadgets and try enhancing your mood and grumps, by performing your favorite physical activity. If not, at least you may have a fun chat with your family member rather. This way you can reduce your mental clutter and build a healthy relationship with the people around you.

10. Last but not Least, Live for You

If not the whole day, set up a regular time and activity to spend time for you and you only. Yes, do not overboard your senses. Respect them and live the valuable days for yourself too. Go for a morning beach walk, have a bubble bath, listen to slow music and also you may opt to have a meal or drink that is your favorite. When you enjoy a part of your day as such, you will have the energy boosters filled in your mind and body, to innovate and learn new things faster.

So, you have gone through all the essential requirements to lead a healthy and positive life. To change yourself to follow such habits and to perform certain activities in your daily routine, would be unquestionably tricky to a greater extent in the beginning. But once when you start to live life as such, you would be the inspiration to most of the people around you. Kids would learn such things by themselves when their adults are already in the queue, performing such hobbies, with no extra effects. Ultimately, this would create a speechless scenario that would be the cause of winning the problematic aspect called life.


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