Jan 14th, 2019
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Every individual likes to be well – dressed and appropriately groomed. They usually want to follow the regular fashion rules and dress themselves according to those rules. They try usual fashion tricks as well as dressing tricks to get ready in the best possible manner. But while doing this, many individuals tend to commit certain fashion mistakes. Fashion mistakes are common among every individual. But with a little bit of understanding, individuals can correct their fashion mistakes.

Given below are certain fashion mistakes which almost every individual commits at least once in their lifetime along with the various ways of avoiding those mistakes:

1. The undershirt

Most individuals make the mistake of trying to wear a fitted sweater over the top of the shirt with collars. This ultimately leads to the appearance of visible wrinkles or infinite lines and making them look odd. Individuals, especially women can make it a habit of wearing a tank top between the shirt and the sweater. It looks great when worn in such a manner and even prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the fitted sweater.

2. Sticking and concealing

It is totally normal for the gaping holes to appear between the buttons nearby the area around the chest whenever women wear a button down shirt. These gaps can be concealed by using double-sided tape between the buttons.


3. Having the essential basics

It is essential to have certain basics in the wardrobe for emergencies. Such kinds of basics may include certain plain tees, a collared shirt, a pair of jeans or simply a black dress. Basics are easy to dress up and can be worn easily in any kind of situation.

4. Complementing jeans with tall boots

It is usually assumed that tall boots can be worn only with skinny jeans. But the tall boots can be worn along with baggy or flared jeans too. Individuals just need to fold the cuff of the jeans neatly and then put it inside a sock before wearing the tall boots.


5. Rolling of sleeves

One of the most common mistakes that individuals make is rolling their sleeves in an improper and untidy manner. Sleeves of the shirt should be folded neatly in order to have a great look while wearing casual shirts.

6. Prevention of pillage

One of the most common problems that individuals face is pillage of the fuzzy and knit sweaters that make them look very odd and untidy. Individuals can use either a pill shaver or a pumice stone to get rid of those unnecessary pillages.


7. Using monochrome shades

Individuals are usually confused when it comes to wearing matching dresses, accessories, shoes, etc. from head to toe. The simplest way to solve this conclusion is to pick one particular color and then use various other shades along with it to get the monochromatic look.

8. Draping the jackets

Individuals can drape their jackets over their shoulders instead of wearing them in a normal functional manner in order to give themselves a more fashionable look.


9. Using a belt

Sometimes individuals need to wear multiple layers of clothes for their own convenience. They can try using a belt in order to give more shape to their body while getting such a look.

10. The athletic wear

Nowadays it has become a trend to flaunt athletic wears outside. These kinds of looks can be super fashionable if they are worn and displayed correctly. Women can pair up their sports jacket with a pair of cool sneakers in order to have an athletic look.

So, these are some of the common fashion mistakes made by most of the individuals. As everyone has become fashion conscious now in today’s world, it becomes extremely necessary to rectify such kinds of mistakes in order to get along with the updated fashion of the latest century.

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