Things About Love Making That Young People Are Not Aware of

Dec 3rd, 2018
Curtito Team

1. Doing it everywhere isn’t the best choice.

Thanks to movies nowadays, people think that Love Making in any place outside is $exy, but it can turn into a nightmare soon. And that is even more true since you hardly have any privacy in certain places.

2. You can get pregnant by having $ex only once.

It is very important that birth control is used every time, since teen pregnancy can completely change someone’s life.


3. Lust and Love Are Not The Same Thing

You might have strong feelings for someone, but that doesn’t mean its love; it could simply be lust.

4. You can catch STD only after having $ex once.

That is why, you should never have $ex without protection; you should always use condoms.


5. Some Girls Don’t Have 0rgasms The First Time

If that’s the case with your partner, don’t worry about it. It’s important to get to know each other the first few times, before your $ex experience improves.

6. 0ral $ex Is $ex

Yes, although many people refuse to believe this, 0ral $ex is also a form of $ex.


7. He Will Try Anything To Convince You To Sleep With Him

Guys will try every trick in the book to sleep with you, they will say they love you and want to marry you and that you are the most beautiful girl they have ever seen.

8. It Should Be Done With Someone Special

You shouldn’t have $ex with any random person, it should be with someone special.


9. Foreplay plays a crucial role.

Some people immediately dive into the main part, but foreplay is crucial as well.

10. It’s not always about you.

There are two people involved in the act, so don’t be selfish. Think about the other person’s comfort as well.

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