12 Tips For Posing In The Beach To Make Best Photos That Attract More People On Social Media

Mar 8th, 2019
Curtito Team

Summer is here and it’s time to show off your beach body, months of sweating it out in the gym will now finally bear fruit in front of the camera lenses. So while you laze around the beach in a sexy bikini or shots have you ever considered looking like one of the curvy Kardashians? If you haven't, then we have the perfect angle tips for posing with a pout.


While posing with an object like an inflated float do not place it to the front of the body. It will appear as though you are trying to hide your paunchy stomach. Instead, place it to your side, this will make you appear slimmer.


Swimming pool shots will look seductive with one leg raised and stomach pulled in. Avoid straight lines to look like an unnatural pose.



Soldier poses make you look stiff in the pictures. Run your hands through your hair or lean on an object to look more natural and slim.


Accessorize with statement pieces, tie a sarong to hide an unpleasant body part. Fashion always makes photography interesting.



To make your legs look longer while relaxing on a deck chair keep one leg raised by the knee. Also look away from the camera, arch your back and pose like a model.


Wrinkles look ugly, so stretch up baby to look sexy while laying down and posing.



To make your derriere more appealing stand on your toes, it will make your ass look rounder in the picture.


Pose sideways while clicking sitting down pictures.



Highlight your best features inside the water, focus on your beautiful face and cleavage to get perfect pictures.


Portrait pictures are shot at the same angle as you are standing, ask the photographer to sit down and click the ideal pose.



Wet hair is not always sexy; instead, it is photoshopped on magazine covers. While clicking pictures with wet hair make sure it’s partly dry to increase the volume of hair.


Asymmetry makes the pictures shot look lively. Arch the body parts and pose with free-flowing hand movements to appear natural in the pictures.

Going viral with your beach clicks keeping all of these points in mind will ensure that you gain a massive summer following. Even with simple features, you can look like the next best beach model.

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