10 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Walk Every Day

Sep 3rd, 2018
Curtito Team

Someone wise once said, “I have two doctors, my left leg and my right”. If you were to follow this famous quote, you may be amazed at how correct it is. Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise, which requires no equipment, no specific destination or time, and most importantly, there are no limits. There is a general consensus that walking at least 15 to 30 minutes daily can significantly uplift your general well-being. Of course, based on your endurance levels, you might want to adjust the duration. Either way, walking every day brings so many benefits to your overall health that you would be unwise to ignore such an easy activity. Read on to find out about 10 things that happen to your body when you walk every day.

1 Healthy Immune System

A strong immune system is key to living life wonderfully. If you do not have a healthy immune system, you might take ages to recover from a major illness, if and when it strikes. Also, you would be more prone to catching those small bouts of cold and flu around the year. Who wants that? If you are someone who does not, then put your faith in the research, which suggests that 30 minutes of walking every day increases the level of cells in the immune system

2 Improved Cardiovascular Health

A healthy heart is a happy heart. Unfortunately, the number of humans succumbing to heart diseases has risen rapidly over the last few decades owing to an increase in unhealthy living habits. Counter those ill-effects by walking at least 20 minutes every day, which is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by about 30%. Walking is also known to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.


3 Obesity and Diabetes in Check

Have you ever heard of the saying, “After dinner, walk a mile”? This age-old quote stems from the fact that taking a brisk walk post your meals can significantly help with stabilizing the insulin levels of your body. It does not have to be a mile, but walking regularly lowers your chances of getting diabetic or obese, and is commonly recommended by endocrinologists especially if you have a family history of this widespread illness.

4 Enhanced Brain Functions

Do you want Robert Langdon’s photographic memory? Well, some people might be born with it, but it is not very hard to cultivate it in the brain of someone who is not. The answer is very simple, walk the day in and day out. Walking regularly is known to reduce risks of dementia, improve blood circulation to all organs, including the brain, and potentially reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, too.


5 Back Pain Relief

An injured back can often prevent you from going to the gym or doing weight training at home. Constant back pain can also be a spoiler for that Himalayan trek you always wanted to go for. While there are other things that could relieve back pain, walking daily is one of the most trusted ones, because it helps your back through improved blood circulation around the spine. Not motivated enough? How about it improves your endurance levels, flexibility, and posture along with reducing back pain?

6 Healthy Gut

This is not a “gut feeling”. A healthy gut has been known for years to be a precursor for a healthy immune system, and by now you must be aware of why having a healthy immune system is of utmost importance. Walk every day for around 30 minutes to aid in digestion, regulate bowel movements, and improve the overall gut health.


7 Mood Uplifting

Walking on a daily basis is known to help the body release copious amounts of endorphins, a group of hormones that set your happy mood. Have you observed how when your mind is cluttered with the day’s pending work or difficult decisions, going for a walk almost always helps? If this happens with walking for 10 minutes one day, imagine how free of anxiety and worry you could get by walking regularly. It is also a great activity that involves bonding with your family, friends, pets, or even strangers that you meet at your local jogger’s park.

8 Mobility in Old Age

They say, “Make hay while the sun signs”. Regarding human life, it might be safe to say that sunshine is the brightest at a young age. If you get into the habit of walking every day at an early age, in all probability you will be looking at a more active retired life. All of us hope to go with our limbs still functioning, and walking is a great way to come close to fulfilling this dream. Walking regularly is said to reduce the loss of bone mass and prevent arthritis, thus helping in old age mobility.


9 Reduction in “Stress Eating”

Binge eating, often resulting from feeling stressed out, is one of the leading causes of lifestyle-related diseases in the world. When you walk every day, stress does not get the better of you, and you do not easily give in to temptations of having something sweet or unhealthy at every unpronounced opportunity.

10 Inculcating Discipline

Setting up a fixed time for walking every day in your daily routine helps in getting more organized. If it means getting up at 5 o’clock every morning, you will do it, sun or rain. This primarily happens because once you start walking daily, you soon get into the habit of doing it, and something always feels wrong if you miss a day. Getting into a routine can help inculcate the discipline of facing other tasks in a smoother manner.


11 Grab Your Shoes Already!

If you still need the inspiration to begin your daily walk, here are a few. Put on your favorite playlist while you walk, ask a friend or a neighbor to come along, so you could have a little after-walk chit-chat, or buy that lovely pair of walking shoes you always thought was unnecessary. With a little bit of nudge from your inner self and a little bit of regularity, it will gradually become simpler every day to take that proverbial “walk in the park”.


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