Female Celebs In Most Awkward Situations.

Nov 3rd, 2018
Curtito Team

1 Jennifer Garner

Lady, how could you do such a thing to yourself? Anyways, Jen, we come to know of your favorite color yellow!

2 Fergie

Back pose is never recommended to Fergie! Though she didnt intentionally do it, but still this photo has made an undemanding spotlight.


3 Eliza Dushku

She should take care of such wardrobe malfunction that can make her embarrass entire life.

4 Emma Watson

Emma Watson unwillingly showed off her pants as she ran a few errands.


5 Estella Warren

Estella Warren shows more than intended.

6 Hayden Panettiere

Haydens fire-red thong.


7 Uma Thurman

Uma fail to keep the hold on her high-water thong.

8 Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster bent over and her thong follows her.


9 Penelope Cruz

I am not sure why is she wearing this.

10 Keira Knightley


Behold Keiras crack.

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