10 Things never put up with in a Long term Relationship

Sep 19th, 2018
Curtito Team

When you are in a relationship you tend to wear rose tinted glasses for your partner, whatever he/she does is cute and adorable. Merely this is just in the honeymoon stage, once the novelty of the relationship wears off you tend to shift to a richer apprehension of your partner. And that’s when all the ugly cats are let out of the bag. You become too cozy to let go and you are stuck in hell. We have come up with some sure signs of living with the devil when it comes to becoming comfortable in a long term relationship. If you see these signs in your partner, it’s time to call it quits.

1. Cheating

Long nights in the office, not answering your call, or not having enough time to spend with you. Seems someone is off the pedestal and has been thrown into a corner, this is what happens when your partner is finding someone else attractive than you. You will suddenly begin receiving the cold shoulder treatment and vague excuses for their lingering philandering behavior.

2. Bound Slave

“Honey just drops me off today at work.” “Honey pick up the clean sheets from the dry cleaner” “Hey honey, just get me some hot meal, being bored today.” Perfectly normal requests which you will happily do for your partner, but till when? Stop treating yourself like a bonded slave who just picks up after your partner has left, cooks, cleans, and practically treats him/her like a baby. You are not their mother! Period. If the chores are not fairly divided, forget it just leave.


3. Ultimatums

Oh! The woes of being eternally perfect. The perfect couple have the surprise proposal, the surprise vacations, the drool worthy pictures on Instagram, and always just at the right moment in front of the camera. Cheesy right, when you scroll through your social media channels and see this daily. But the behind the scenes situation is actually hanging on ultimatums. “You better pop the question or I leave, you better buy that house or I leave, you better book us a vacation or I leave”. Things are no more done out of love, but with fear.

4. Not supportive Careerwise

Someone who cannot deal with your success is always a jealous and possessive partner. Bet you will have long fights about the financial situations and get taunted for being independent. You should not deal with that kind of stress if you are an ambitious person, find someone who appreciates your work and is proud of your hard-work.


5. Numb towards Kin

There is of course your close circle of family and friends whom you respect and love. And if you have a partner who constantly pokes fun at your loved ones then it is a sign of disrespect. Not getting along with your tribe will obviously cause frictions in your relationship.

6. Anger

Anger is something we show, only to the ones that we are close and it is justified in some situations but not necessarily always and irrationally directed towards you. Dispersing personal rage caused by outer circumstances onto your partner is not a healthy sign of personal behaviour. Get your partner signed for anger management or quit their presence before any physical harm is done.


7. In Bed Action

Bad sex accounts to those who don’t want to experiment in bed and are lazy when it comes to physical affections. An intimate way of knowing and pleasuring your partner is the highlight of any relationship but if don’t share a crackling chemistry, then maybe you should reconsider your choice.

8. Running away from responsibilities

Not taking action as a couple for your goals is also a sign of shying away from taking up responsibilities or tough calls in a relationship. Communication is the key and if you always find yourself at a dead end with your partner then its time to look for other options to let out your inner built frustrations.


9. Lying

White lies can sometimes save a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you put up with the constant lies from your partner. When your mate deflects his/her own actions and rules out the problem before even solving it by lying it is not normal. A bunch lies will lead to another bunch of lies and it goes on till the band of patience will burst and your relationship will be in a soup.

10. Emotiona Abuse

The constant feeling of being guilty or your partner making you feel as if you are the reason this relationship is not working. No matter how long you have been sticking together, but taking all the blame and guilt is not healthy. Also constant threats to abandon, cause self harm or going on an anger rant to kill you or others who are close to you are signs of a delusional relation, run! And run now!

These behaviours are certainly unacceptable in any romantic relationships. If you are not feeling the ‘normal’ in your normal relation then sadly it’s time to cut the cord or burn the bridge whichever suits you best.


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