If You Have These ‘Two Holes’ In Your Lower Back, We Have Great News For Your Sex Life

Oct 4th, 2018
Curtito Team

If you have these dimples in your lower back, you are in for some great news.

1 Venus And Apollo

Many people have indentations on their back which are distinctly visible. These symmetrical indentations are called Venus holes. Their origin is a small ligament stretching between the spine and skin. These dimples are considered to be signs of beauty hence, they have been named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love.And for males, we have another name as well Apollo Holes!

2 Two Little Holes

No muscles are present in that area where the two bones join at the pelvis. When the skin stretches, these holes become visible just below the waistline.


3 Genetics And Curves

These indentations are genetic, meaning you probably have them because someone in your family also has these indentations. They are associated with a curvy physique as well. This means that if you have these dimples, you have a much better physique than the average person.

4 Anatomy and Physiology

These holes are situated above the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine.This means that they help in proper blood flow in the pelvic regions leading to hypersensitivity. Most athletes have these holes. However, scientists arent sure whether these holes originate because they are so active or these holes help in blood flow aiding in their athletic behaviour.


5 Circulation

These indentations come with health benefits as well. They help in circulation, and also have an impact on your sex life. It has been found out that people who have these holes climax earlier. The reason is their location around the pelvic area, and also because they aid in circulation.

6 Is it possible to develop them?

These arent muscles, so unfortunately that is not possible. Those will be visible if you have them, even when you are overweight. But for those who dont have them, they wont be visible even when you are ripped.


7 Healthy

Hence, you not only have good looks, but your circulation is excellent which should help you lead a healthier life. And if this doesnt make you happy, I dont know what will.

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