The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

Oct 14th, 2018
Curtito Team

Human beings are social animals. To exist in the world, two human beings from opposite sex need to cohabitate, so that they can live peacefully in this big bad world. The reason behind this is that we are full of emotions. To talk about one, it is the emotion of touch or the sense of touch. If we look closely and read into this sense of touch, we will be able to figure out a personality of a person, by the way, they hug their partners. Consider a hypothetical situation, where you had a really bad day, and you meet your special someone. At that point, you had a meltdown, and you hugged tightly while rubbing their back. This gesture denotes that you are looking for some comfort and reassurance from your partner.

Reading a personality of an individual is not rocket science. You just need a way out to unveil the complex creatures. You need to pay attention to intricate details, to form a clear judgment. Scroll through the entire article, to figure out the charisma of a person, by the way; they hug their partners.

1. Putting Your Hand In Their Pocket

Putting your hand in a partners pocket shows they mean something to you. You're relaxed and comfortable around this person. You feel safe.

2. Wrapping Your Arms Around Their Waist

Wrapping your arms around a persons waist shows protection. You're confident you can provide security and comfort at any time.


3. Looking Directly At Them

Deeply staring in someone's eyes means, you've established a genuine connection. Starring into another person's eyes while holding them goes beyond physical feeling. You're connecting with a person's soul.

4. Rubbing Their Back While Hugging

Rubbing a persons back shows reassurance. You want to be there for the person. You care about them. This is usually something you do with a person who you're willing to tell your problems to and listens to theirs also.


5. Putting Your Arm Around Their Shoulder

Putting your arm around a person's shoulder establishes a friendship. This means you trust the other person, but not as a lover. They are someone you can rely on.

6. Giving A Pat On The Back While Hugging

Giving a pat on the back is also a sign of friendship. You're showing you do not want intimacy. This is something people who are in the early stages of friendship do, to show camaraderie.


7. Keeping Distance While Hugging

Keeping distance while you hug shows that you're uncomfortable. This shows uncertainty or disagreement. This always isn't a bad thing. It can also mean that you're unfamiliar with this person. But in some situations, it shows that you have no desire to hug this person.


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