Most Common Insecurities In Women

Sep 9th, 2018
Curtito Team

While it is common for every human being to have lack of confidence at times over certain issues, these can sometimes turn into severe insecurities in some people, especially in women. Women tend to be, by nature, of the more sensitive kind, and being thin-skinned often results in higher degrees of insecurities. Some of the most common insecurities that women all over the world encounter are as mentioned below. While not every woman might identify with them, several experts outline these as the most commonly feared emotions present in women.

The insecurities in women could be broken down into three primary categories, those are, physical characteristics, relationships (especially with men), and their individuality. Read on to find out more about the insecurities under each category.

Physical Characteristics

Most of the insecurities around the physical appearances of women come from the roots of the society that we live in. Women are expected to be beautiful, at all times. Some of the common appearance-related insecurities women feel are:

1 Weight

How many times have you passed by a group of women, and heard them talking about losing weight? It is one of the most important problems that dominate a woman’s emotions, even if she has a completely healthy weight. Women feel that they always need to lose weight, basis which they fall for crazy diets that do more harm than good.

2 Acne

This is one insecurity that starts a little early in life when the woman hits puberty. At this age, most girls develop acne while going through hormonal changes. It becomes difficult to convince most women that this is a natural process, and they end up being obsessed with smoother skin. The result? They try everything under the sun, starting from natural acne remedies to cosmetics that cover them.


3 Breasts

It is one thing to be conscious about how one looks, and a whole other thing to be obsessed with the size of breasts. This is a deep-rooted issue that is somewhat linked to relationship-based insecurity, which makes the woman feel she would not be attractive enough to men if she did not have an optimum size of breasts. While most women are quiet about it, some go to the lengths of getting a surgery done to enhance their breasts, causing an upheaval in the body’s natural processes.

4 Pictures

In general women are seen to be posing for a greater number of pictures than men, and they are extremely conscious about how they look in those pictures. Often, a woman would not budge from a tourist spot until her picture is perfect, even if the photographer has already pressed the shutter about twenty times.


5 Age

It is a common cause of depression in women, as much as weight is. Women wish to look and feel young all through their lives and can get extremely upset when those first wrinkles start appearing under the eyes, or the first grey hair gets stuck in the comb. No one likes to hear they are old, even if they are, which is why the common belief goes that one should never enquire a woman’s age.

6 Height

Women tend to be slightly overwhelmed by the portrayal of supermodels by the media as tall, slender, and beautiful. The obsession with height springs from these portrayals and many women start wearing high heels, which are scientifically proven to be unhealthy. This insecurity about their heights often leads them to believe that their male partners should be as tall as the Disney prince, and in this process, they become quite capable of neglecting the existence of shorter but otherwise perfectly fine gentlemen.


Women can be extremely vulnerable when It comes to sexuality and relationships. Their emotions being always on the stronger side, they often wrongly feel that they are being mistreated in a relationship, especially by men, leading to some of the following insecurities.


1 Physical attraction:

Women tend to be obsessed with the need to always look beautiful in front of their partners. While at an early dating stage this is a feat possible to achieve, in later stages of a relationship, when they have lived with their partners for a while, this insecurity slowly starts to seep in. They might need constant verbal assurances that they are the most beautiful of all women in the whole world. This insecurity often leads to jealousy when the significant other is seen communicating with other gorgeous women.

2 Losing interest:

In the dating period, this might mean the woman is going back home every night, and thinking that the man is never going to call her back. It could have been based on a very tiny thing such as a small disagreement over favorite foods, but it seems very real to some women. In later stages, if the partner shows less enthusiasm in daily activity or is momentarily distracted, the woman tends to feel it is because of something they have done.


3 Cheating:

The feeling that the partner is cheating could be overwhelming in some women and might drive them to the verge of paranoia. Even with constant reassurances in a relationship, many women feel this way because of the social image that has been given to men that they are here to sleep with anyone and everyone. sometimes, it might be true, but a lot of women tend to get unnecessarily worked up about such as possibility.

4 Reassurances:

Constant reassurances about everything a woman does in a relationship is a necessity for some. Tiny bits of appreciation can go a long way in building a healthy relationship. However, some women tend to fall apart at the slightest lack of assurance from the partner, leading to self-blame, depression, and lack of interest in doing anything special for the special person.


Women are more conscious about their individual growth than society gives them credit for. Individual happiness to women is as important as being in a happy relationship. Consequently, there are insecurities here, too, as described below.


1 Career:

The insecurities related to career could range from wanting to have a job (for those women who do not work), to being promoted to a higher designation in the company. Often, women in their child-bearing ages are expected to make sacrifices in their career growth for fulfilling family needs. This mounting pressure from the society could cause serious insecurities about growth in the career. A lot of women are also insecure about the amount of money they make, because it often symbolizes their class.

2 Creativity:

In a world where most creative professions are male-dominated, it is common for women to feel a certain level of an inferiority complex when they venture out into the creative space. They are often worried they might not be able to carve a niche for themselves because of their gender.


3 Intellect:

This insecurity springs again from the psychological structure of the society, which has believed for centuries that women do not have the brains to pursue math, physics, and other core sciences, and are suitable only for subjects deemed relatively less difficult to understand. Women are also almost always questioned about their understanding of sports. These age-old opinions often lead a lot of women to actually believe they are stupid, and many of them end up not even trying their hands at something brilliant, despite being quite capable.

0 The Bottomline

While many of the insecurities women tend to suffer from are related to their psychological characteristics, there is no denying the fact that several centuries of gender stereotyping have made the matter worse. Many women are inflicted with these insecurities as a result of the social structure, which, more often than not, has been biased toward the male gender of human beings. The crux of the matter may only be resolved when we work from the root upwards, eradicating old beliefs and prejudices as we move, in both men and women.


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