12 Miraculous Uses of Castor Oil You Need to Know

Oct 31st, 2018
Curtito Team

Castor Oil is an ordinary vegetable oil that is popularly used for treating various common ailments. They are obtained by pressing the seeds of the plant named ‘Ricinus communis’ and has numerous health benefits. You would change your mind to continue the usage of castor oil in your daily routine when you get to know about its various natural therapies. They are also used in varied beauty products these days. It has been used from the ancient days of Ayurveda but has got familiar in today's modern medicines too.

This oil contains Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and other supplements at precise levels. It makes the castor oil suitable for most of the corrective purposes in a natural way. In spite of these, the oil was never used as a part of a healthy diet, due to its bitter taste. Instead, was used for healing and remedial purposes. The oil offers its entire benefits when it is prepared by cold pressing the seeds and processed unadulterated.

Look into the following benefits and uses of Castor Oil for various disorders,

1. Soothes Rough and Dry skin

When your dry skin is poorly affected with the loss of its moisture and if it’s suffering from dermatitis condition, the valuable fats present in the castor oil can bring much difference. The unsaturated fat in the oil infiltrates the deep layers of skin and helps in promoting its hydration and saturation. Apply the raw castor oil liberally on the skin and leave it undisturbed for the next 30 minutes. The oil will retain its moisture and soothes its texture leaving it hydrated and supple.

2. Works as the Best and Natural Purgative

Take 1-2 tbsp of castor oil and mix it with the juice of an orange. Now a characteristic yet simple purgative is ready for use. You can have it in your empty stomach and would take some 2-5 hours to start working. This mixture is so light that it is very useful to small digestive tracts even. This natural laxative is not too harsh and at the same time, is effective in the safest method.


3. Good for your Hair Health

The Ricinoleic corrosive substance present in the castor oil makes it an essential oil for adjusting the pH level of your scalp. The oil can be applied on the scalp directly, gently rubbed and left overnight for best results. You can apply the oil soak technique twice a week. And if you have silky hair texture, mix the castor oil with either almond oil or coconut oil, for a good scalp massage.

They work for healthy hair growth with diminishing the presence of tough dandruff on the scalp. They are also effective for treating split hair closures and unwanted breakage of hair. Castor oil makes your hair grow thicker, longer and with a glossy shine.

4. Gives you Wrinkle-free skin

To get the better result on treating your wrinkles, you need to stick on to this procedure for at least 6 months. Just take few drops of castor oil and apply it on your facial skin. Start rubbing it gently giving it a circular stroke massage. Let the oil penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. The oil contains collagen and elastin, which the skin absorbs and works in improving its texture. It makes it vanish the wrinkles on the facial skin and gives you a flawless and glamorous look.


5. To get rid of the Pregnancy Stretch Marks

During the period of pregnancy, the abdomen area of woman needs more development of skin cells and tissues, to stretch the skin as and when needed. But for some women, the stretches developed will not diminish after childbirth. Hence they would lose their original waist look. For that, if you keep applying the mixture of castor oil and almond oil, on the influenced territory of the abdomen, both during and after pregnancy. The capacity of the skin to develop new tissues would be enhanced and thus can also reform its own texture after the delivery. Hence, you need to rub the oil mixture for 10 minutes consistently and sit for 30 minutes with a plastic sack wrapped around the abdomen, where you have applied the oil.

6. Helps in Growing Thicker Eyelashes and Eyebrows

The castor oil when applied regularly on the eyelashes and eyebrows can make it grow thicker day by day. The essential vitamins, proteins and the unsaturated fats available in the castor oil, triggers the hair development in the affected area. You need to take a cotton bud, dip it in the castor oil and then slowly apply it on the eyebrows and eyelashes. Repeat the procedure regularly for 2-3 weeks before bedtime, and you can visually see the difference.


7. You can Satiate Muscle Torments

With the application of the castor oil on the muscles and joints, you can develop the course of vital liquids between the bones. The castor oil soothes the sore muscles and cures torments if any. So, now do not deny applying castor oil on your joints to overcome the pain and to relieve the sore muscles of your body.

8. Appeases the Calluses

You can treat your feet and make it look stunning and young, with the application of castor oil on them. With the mitigating impacts of the oil, it has the tendency to treat calluses or corn. This method is also highly effective in treating dry, torn and cracked heels.

Soak your feet in the warm water for about 10 minutes. Scour off the thick dried skin cells on the top layer of the skin. Wash off the remnants and wipe clean your feet. Now, dip a cotton ball in some castor oil and apply generously over the calluses or on the dry area of your feet. You can now retain the cotton ball on the callus and abandon it with the castor oil dipped cotton ball. Leave for about 2 or 3 hours. Repeat this process regularly every day, until the calluses come out from its root. If you are treating dry, cracked heels, then it is sufficient that you leave your feet undisturbed for about half an hour, after the application of the oil.


9. Useful in Treating Nails and Contagious Diseases

When you apply the mixture of olive oil and castor oil on your hands and nails, it will work potently for offering you with a problem free lustrous nails. Likewise, it would also help in forestalling contagious diseases, when applied on your palms on a regular basis. It acts as a barrier for all infectious viruses and bacteria, which can spread readily through our hands.

10. Cures Sunburns on the skin

The mixture of coconut oil and castor oil has a substantial effect on the sunburns. Apply the oil mixture on the influenced territory to deliver a calm and soothing effect on the affected area. This oil has the tranquilizing properties which empower the development of the new solid tissue growths. With the regular usage, you can secure your skin with essential hydration.


11. Convalesce Dried and Chappy Lips

By making use of the castor oil, you can heal the dried out unhappy lips. Use 1 tbsp of castor oil with a few drops of glycerin and lime juice. Apply gently on your lips and make it retain on the lips overnight. Wash off this mixture the next morning. Feel the tenderness and suppleness of the lip skin you attained. Regularize this habit for a month, every day before sleep. You will achieve truly glamorous and glossy lips with natural shine. On the other hand, you may also try using the combination of castor oil with almond oil, for the same purpose.

12. To Beat the Heat

People in ancient days used to utilize the castor oil to overcome the body heat. You may also make use of this simple technique, to fight your body heat, in your hectic and stressful routine. Apply a generous amount of raw castor oil on your belly button and on the thumbnails of your feet. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe off the extra oil with a tissue paper. And it is better you perform this procedure before you go to bed. The oil penetrates into your body through the belly button and through your feet nails, and kicks off the body heat, with no extra efforts.

Here are some simple yet beneficial tips on the usage of the castor oil. Since the castor oil is easily available in the market, you can try all the valuable ideas stated above, when in need. All are tried out strategies and works well for the purpose. At the same time, no treatment mentioned here will have any side effects. So you can make use of it for your convenience, with no hesitations.

But one last warning, let the pregnant ladies stay away from consuming this miraculous oil. It works as a diuretic and elevates the possibilities of uterine compressions, which is unsafe during the growth period of the embryos.


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