9 Absolute Signs That You Are In A Perfect Relationship

Sep 30th, 2018
Curtito Team

Relationships are often tough. You have to compromise things with another person, put up with his or her tantrums yet things become easier if you actually love that person. But how do you know whether your relationship is a perfect one?

To be honest, there is no such thing as a perfect relation. Every relationship has flaws. However, what matters more is whether the couple is happy with the relationship or not. This happens when both partners trust each other, are honest and respect each other. Understanding whether your relationship belongs to this category isn't easy since there are so many factors involved, and that is where this article will come to your help.

This article provides a list of top 9 signs that will help you realize if your relationship is perfect or not.

1 Optimism

Being optimistic and having a positive attitude all the time helps in a relationship. It doesn’t mean that both partners need to be positive, just one partner being optimistic can help a lot when the relationship is going through tough times.

2 Minimum conversation using texts

According to a recent study, men who converse more via texts are in a worse relationship than those who don’t prefer texts. However, the reverse is true for women – if a woman prefers texting, she is in a better relationship.


3 Limiting usage of social media

It has been found out that couples who spend more time on social media sites like Facebook are more likely to experience a failed relationship, involving breakups, divorce and even cheating.

4 Cuddling

Cuddling and being more affectionate will help in improving the intimacy and physical side of the relationship.


5 Not dominating

Often we see that one partner in a relationship is more dominating than the other. While these relationships might work for some people, usually they fail pretty soon. So instead of being dominating, it’s better to express each other’s opinions properly and even fight if needed. Remember fighting is much better than being dominating when it comes to relationships.

6 Regular intercourse

It has been revealed by a study that the couple will be happy if they have a healthy sexual life. There are exceptions, and it is not true that regular sex is mandatory for a proper relationship, but it shows that both partners are physically attracted to each other and feel comfortable too.


7 Being Identical

Although not necessary, it helps if both partners have similar tastes in music, movies, etc. For example, if you and your partner both love the same kind of music, you two could listen to songs together which improves your relationship.

8 Opposite spending habits

It has been found that if one partner in a relationship spends money a lot, while the other one plans everything and tried to minimize the expenditure, then they are made for each other. According to a recent study, these couples complement each other’s’ habits, thus providing the best of both worlds.


9 Laughing

If you find that your partner laughs at your jokes even when no one else does, that means that he or she understands you very well and you two truly are perfect for each other. Everyone knows that laughter helps a man stay positive and stress-free, which are crucial to a perfect relationship.


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