8 Easy Fashion Hacks To Turn You Into A Fashion Diva

Sep 12th, 2018
Curtito Team

I am pretty sure that almost everyone, at least at some point in their lives, had to give up wearing a shirt or any other dress just because there was a minor problem. If you find yourself in similar situations often, then this is the perfect article for you.

You will find here the top 8 easy fashion hacks which are bound to make your life a lot easier and transform you into a fashion diva, no matter what the occasion is. So read on to know about these fashion hacks.

1 Dye on jeans

easy fashion hacks fashion hacks for jeans

Having blue patches all over your favorite jeans is quite irritating. However, there's an easy way out. Pour some vinegar into a bucket of cold water, and keep the jeans in the water overnight. You will find that the patches are gone in the morning.

2 Shirt size too big

easy fashion hacks for women

If you find that your shirt is too big for you, just tie the shirt bottom into a knot. Check the picture to understand it better. This makes you look trendy while also solving the problem of the big shirt.


3 Stuck zipper

clothing hacks for women

If you find that the zipper is stuck, apply some Vaseline on the stuck zipper, and it should solve the problem. In case you can't find Vaseline, take a pencil and rub its tip in the zip, which should also address the issue.

4 New tights

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If you want to increase the longevity of your new tights, take some hairspray and apply it to them. That way, you will find that your tights will remain like new for a longer period.


5 Tight pants

fashion hacks for guys fashion hacks for ladies

Many times, our favorite pants grow tight, sometimes because they have shrunk or because our waist size has increased. Next time you want to wear them, just give them a stretch after washing and let them dry in the air. You will notice that the pants have stretched significantly making it easier to wear them.

6 Leather jacket no longer fits

easy fashion hacks for guys easy fashion hacks for ladies

If you find that your favorite leather jacket no longer fits, yet you want to wear it somehow, try to fit in somehow when it's raining. Congrats! You can now wear your jacket without anyone making any comments!


7 Stain on shirt

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Stains on shirts occur frequently. Maybe you just noticed that there is a stain on your favorite shirt and you have to attend a party within an hour. No problem! Just take a sanitizer with you and on your way, rub it on the area where the stain is. It should be gone within an hour.

8 Smelly Jeans

fashion hacks for winter fashion hacks for summer fashion hacks india fashion hacks pinterest fashio

I am sure that you have often felt embarrassed when your friends have mocked you for wearing smelly jeans. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore! Just keep them in the freezer. However, don't forget to keep the jeans in a packet before placing it in the freezer, or else your freezer will become smelly too!


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